Oh, Babies!

Two parents filled with joy, peace, and love. Two big sisters full of excitement and anticipation. Two new heartbeats. Two sweet babies, already loved by so many. Two months down, seven to go!   Babies Di Nunzio - Due August 2018!  

October 15

I've worn a number of ribbons, in various colors, to honor the struggles of others, their losses, their lives, their battles. But today is a ribbon day that remembers what I've lost, what my husband has lost, and what our sweet girls have lost. Today, on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day, the loss of … Continue reading October 15


The past several weeks have been overwhelming, emotionally and physically, in the kind of way that hinders you from completing simple, everyday tasks. But this past week has been overwhelming in the most uplifting way. When I published last week's blog post, I expected a handful of well-wishes and sympathetic quotes, mostly from my mom's … Continue reading Overwhelmed